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Working from my FABRIC STASH... April 2015 was really a "Sew Peggy Sew" month

My sewing machine was really on the go that month, April, 2015. That's for sure. I joined another sewing group on Facebook called "The Sewing Swap."

My first sewing project there was making 10 inch quilt squares which are known as the Hashtag Blocks. These were the first attempt to make such blocks. I was part of the Green Group which consisted of 13 people, which included myself. I was to send out 12 blocks, one each to the others in the group.

These are the ones I made up. All 12 were all made out of the same fabrics. We were to use white backgrounds and any color of fabric for the #.  I used a white fabric with white dots on it. They came out as 10 1/2 inches square.  I trimmed each one down to 10 inches by cutting 1/4 inch from all 4 sides before sending them out. I put the fabric block on my cutting board to photograph it before trimming it down, to show its size beforehand.
These are the squares I received in return from members of the green g…