My "Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen Challenge"  Quilt Blocks  #'s 1 to 13(Half-way done)      Working on 25 free quilt blocks from Pat Sloan on Facebook in her "Grandma's Kitchen Challenge."  Adding them as I complete them. Expect to be using some ladybugs and polka dot fabrics on most of them.

     The block sizes are 12.5" x 12.5" unless noted otherwise. They'll finish off to 12 inches square when sewn into a quilt or the like. Been adding a white border to the smaller blocks in this series to enlarge them to this size.

     Every Wednesday Pat lists a different block for us to do. For more info on the challenge and these blocks, go to Pat's website, and follow the link there for her Facebook web pages and for this challenge ,which started up in June, 2017.  Will try to get back here every week for the rest of the blocks as I make them up.

     I bought a couple of Pat's quilting books from Amazon . com. whi…

Working from my FABRIC STASH... April 2015 was really a "Sew Peggy Sew" month

My sewing machine was really on the go that month, April, 2015. That's for sure. I joined another sewing group on Facebook called "The Sewing Swap."

My first sewing project there was making 10 inch quilt squares which are known as the Hashtag Blocks. These were the first attempt to make such blocks. I was part of the Green Group which consisted of 13 people, which included myself. I was to send out 12 blocks, one each to the others in the group.

These are the ones I made up. All 12 were all made out of the same fabrics. We were to use white backgrounds and any color of fabric for the #.  I used a white fabric with white dots on it. They came out as 10 1/2 inches square.  I trimmed each one down to 10 inches by cutting 1/4 inch from all 4 sides before sending them out. I put the fabric block on my cutting board to photograph it before trimming it down, to show its size beforehand.
These are the squares I received in return from members of the green g…

T- Shirt for the "Fabric Lover in You" that shops for fabric...

In goofing around, I designed a T-Shirt at Zazzle. Link to it below...

It says:

 Please cut my fabric so I can go home and do some sewing or crafting with it

Plus the saying is accompanied with a graphic design that I mustard up.

Check it out, you might get a chuckle over it...

My Disney Frozen Sisters Mini Quilt

Afraid that I made this quilt up as I went along... First one of this kind that I ever made up. It is a pannel quilt...  It is only my 3rd quilt. All 3 were made up within the past 5 years... With about 60 years of sewing under my belt, I just used common sense when working on all of them.
Showing the finished mini quilt by laying it on the couch
Actually, with the first two, used my Brother SE350 as shown below with my first one, the Strawberry Cake quilt. I used the design on the back for making straight line sewing on the whole quilt, not like the Disney Frozen Sisters mini quilt, with changing directions, etc. The second quilt had the same backing as the first one, but, in yellow, and done up the same way as the first one.

 See both of them on my other (older) blog, Did not take any photos until I was ready to put the side bindings on the Disney mini quilt, so, winging it in trying to illustrate the different steps when making up …