Sunday, May 3, 2015

Working from my FABRIC STASH... April 2015 was really a "Sew Peggy Sew" month

My sewing machine was really on the go that month, April, 2015. That's for sure. I joined another sewing group on Facebook called "The Sewing Swap."


My first sewing project there was making 10 inch quilt squares which are known as the Hashtag Blocks. These were the first attempt to make such blocks. I was part of the Green Group which consisted of 13 people, which included myself. I was to send out 12 blocks, one each to the others in the group.

These are the ones I made up. All 12 were all made out of the same fabrics. We were to use white backgrounds and any color of fabric for the #.  I used a white fabric with white dots on it. They came out as 10 1/2 inches square.  I trimmed each one down to 10 inches by cutting 1/4 inch from all 4 sides before sending them out. I put the fabric block on my cutting board to photograph it before trimming it down, to show its size beforehand.

These are the squares I received in return from members of the green group. I cheated and used my scanner instead of photographing them individually. In Photoshop, I put the scanned blocks on a black background.  I added another larger background, a magenta colored one, which looks like a deep pinkish border. I didn't put the blocks in any specific order. Just added them in the order I scanned them and uploaded them to the computer.

This gives me an idea of what it would look like if I were to make a quilt out of the 12 fabric blocks.

Next April exchange in The Sewing Swap was pillowcases. 
Smaller groups for this swap.
These are the 4 that I made up. Again, worked from my fabric stash. Was fun matching up fabrics from same for the pillowcases. The purple ones are not exactly identical. I reversed the fabrics for the top "cuff" and the middle fabric strip. They went to different recipients. The one with the ladybugs went to a sewest who has a daughter. Thought it might be slightly different than the flowered ones we were sending out, in honor of it being Spring. One of the ladybug prints has white flowers on it.

These are two of the pillowcases I received in return. Still have to scan two more of them. Will do that at a later date.
Closer to the end of the month was the Mothers Day Swap.
For this one, we were just given one persons name to send a swap to.

Played around with my photos of same in Photoshop, putting all of my outgoing items in same. Used my sewing machine for the oversized tote and the infinity scarves.  

Fabric stash fabrics used here, too. I started off with this comic strip fabric in mind for the tote. It is called The Skillful Cat. Used a dark green print for the top and bottom fabrics. Used white webbing for the straps, two thirty inch strips, which gives it a nice shoulder drop, if the recipient were to use it that way.

For the other side of the tote, I used a stripped fabric that sorta matches it and compliments the white webbed handles and the dark green trim. Also doesn't look bad with the cat cartoon print.

I made up a bottom insert for the tote using two sheets of plastic canvas that I cut down to size and sewed together by hand with a ribbon, about an inch in from its borders. I covered it with a yellow Baltic fabric. Left one end open so the sleeve can be removed and washed, if necessary.  This oversized tote can also be used as a grocery shopping bag. The bottom insert is 12 inches long by 8 inches wide, which fits snugly in the bottom inside of the tote. Across the top of the tote, it measures about 21 inches across, with its height being about 19 inches. No pattern used. Just made the tote up as I went along. Have made many of these oversized totes up in the past, pretty much the same way, for grocery shopping totes.

Made up two Infinity scarves.
Yep, working from my fabric stash for both of them...

Several months earlier, cut up 2 yards of fabric to make up 4 of the Infinity Scarves. Two of them went elsewhere. This one, the third one, I made up in April and it went into this swap. The strips of fabric for these is about 72 inches by about 30 inches wide. The fabric is a knit, slightly on the sheer side. Still have fabric cut to size to make up a 4th one yet... The fabric width is doubled, reducing its width to around 14 or so inches wide by the 72 inches long.

This one is a wee bit smaller. Like about 60 inches long. I cut it this way because of the fabric design. It is stripped. The stripes are all white, alternating between being sheer and silky, with a dark green floral print on all. Again, I cut it about 30 inches  wide, which is also folded over, and making the fabric scarf doubled, same as the other one.  Watched a tutorial on to learn how to make these scarves up a couple of months ago.

 Several months back, I ordered a couple of these mugs from and put them away for such events, to share with other sewers. Included one of these mugs in this swap... The mug is sitting on the insert for the tote in this photo, in front of my Brother CS6000i sewing machine. The plastic insert is inside the yellow sleeve in this photo...
Make a Garment A Month (for yourself) Group
Again, Working from my Stash 
These are my March & April MAGAM pieces for myself. I made them in 2 sizes, 2X and 3X because I like loose fitting clothing. At my age (in the 70's), not really into snug fitting clothing.  Plus, I like wearing colorful clothing, because I don't feel like I'm ready for the grave, yet... LOL. Hope saying that doesn't offend you... Us senior citizens in our complex like wearing colorful clothing. I'm not the only one who does so...
Just had about 2 yards of this fabric, why the fabric design, mainly the palm trees, are sideways. I plan on just wearing this around the house for lounging, and, maybe for sleep wear in the summer months, why it is a 3X. The only time it will see the outside is when putting the garbage out or bringing the mail in...
I changed the neckline. Added some narrow elastic to it, to give it the peasant style look, you might say, to tighten the neckline up somewhat.
Bought this fabric about 5 years ago for making a toddlers dress, which didn't get made. Same with the other ladybug fabrics I used on one of the pillowcases. Those dresses didn't get made either...  Made this blouse up from the same pattern as the shift. Just made it a shorter length and a smaller size, a 2X.  This one will be wearable for going grocery shopping and the like... 
Also changed the neckline on this one. Ran a black shoelace through the casing I made up for same, a wee bit larger than the casing on the shift, and tied it at center front... Tightened the neckline up by doing this to it, too... I used matching fabric binding rather than store bought binding on the necklines that the pattern called for.
Made up two throw pillow covers for a neighbor. She supplied the fabric. I supplied the zippers for same. Have made up other similar ones for her in the past.
Working from my fabric stash, made up a dozen reversible adult/senior citizens bibs, with pockets going across the bottom of them, that I call Crumb Catchers.  These are popular with the local senior citizens. I wear mine when eating meals in the living room, while watching TV.  Didn't stop to take photos of these. Been making them up for close to 25 years or so. Started making them up for my father when he was ill and I was taking care of him... There are some other photos of them on my blog.
Am also a member of another Facebook sewing group, a challenge, the 2015 Work Your Stash Challenge, which is self explanatory. Plus on Yahoo, the 25 Weeks Of Christmas, which is making up items for Christmas and other holidays. Preparation starts in January, with getting down to the nitty gritty around June... This year, we're attempting to work our stash. This group involves other hobbies, knitting, crocheting, paper crafts, and other crafts, not strictly all sewing when making items.  We occasionally have swaps there, too...  Am also a member of other sewing related and photo groups on the Internet too... Plus on Flickr. Note: On The Sewing Swap, the also  have fabric swaps.
As you can see, as a retired senior citizen, I sorta keep busy with my hobbies... Don't always post all on my blogs... Yes, blogs...
We are now into May 2015 and more sewing projects on the drawing board...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

T- Shirt for the "Fabric Lover in You" that shops for fabric...

In goofing around, I designed a T-Shirt at Zazzle. Link to it below...

It says:

 Please cut my fabric so I can go home and do some sewing or crafting with it

Plus the saying is accompanied with a graphic design that I mustard up.

Check it out, you might get a chuckle over it...

Friday, December 26, 2014

My Disney Frozen Sisters Mini Quilt

Afraid that I made this quilt up as I went along... First one of this kind that I ever made up. It is a pannel quilt...  It is only my 3rd quilt. All 3 were made up within the past 5 years... With about 60 years of sewing under my belt, I just used common sense when working on all of them.
Showing the finished mini quilt by laying it on the couch

Actually, with the first two, used my Brother SE350 as shown below with my first one, the Strawberry Cake quilt. I used the design on the back for making straight line sewing on the whole quilt, not like the Disney Frozen Sisters mini quilt, with changing directions, etc. The second quilt had the same backing as the first one, but, in yellow, and done up the same way as the first one.

 See both of them on my other (older) blog,
Did not take any photos until I was ready to put the side bindings on the Disney mini quilt, so, winging it in trying to illustrate the different steps when making up this third quilt, the Frozen Sisters mini quilt. Not like when I made up the other two... 

Here, the Disney Frozen mini quilt is laying on top of another pink quilt, on top of a single bed. Purchased the cotton pannel for making up this mini quilt on eBay. The fabric for the backing came from our local Walmart Department store's fabric department. The batting came from a local JoAnn's Craft store.
1) First of all, I laid the 3 layers together, the top fancy printed layer, the batting and the bottom solid pink layer. Was about a yard of fabric for the top, bottom, and the batting. I used the WARM & NATURAL CRAFT SIZE BATTING FOR INFANT QUILTS, ETC... Left the overhang on the batting at this point....Smoothed the 3 layers out on the top of my bed, similarly the way that this completed photo on top of my pink and white quilt was laid out.

2) Put the green clips,  the Jumbo Wonder Clips by Clover Mfg Co., around the edge of the quilt. These Jumbo Wonder Clips remind me of the silver metal hair clips from years past that when doing up spit curles and waves in ones hair that are still in use...  My pack of them contain 24 pieces. They worked great for holding the 3 layers of fabric together until I removed them...

3) I put the walking foot on my sewing machine. Then, off to start sewing. I used number 4 for large stitches, with a number 14 needle in my sewing machine.  Working from the top layer all through the 3 layers, I outlined the one inch cranberry inner frame. I had gray thread I used on the top inner part with pink thread in the bobbin.

4) I removed the green clips after outlining the cranberry section, before starting the inside center section. They did their job of holding the 3 layers together, in place. When adding the lighter pink border to the edging, I again used those green clips that are made spicifically for sewing, and not for hair clips...LOL. It was easier working with them rather than using straight pins or using safety pins to hold everything together, the layers of fabric that is, and not putting holes in the fabric when doing so...

5) I quilted inside section starting at the top of the design, going back and forth and doing U TURNS at the end of each row inside the the cranberry square, which you can see better on the pink back because the pink thread is deeper in color than the pink fabric.When doing the U turns, I went down ten stitches and turned to start the long rows across the mini quilt. My rows are not perfect. Some are thicker than the others. Really give it the home made look, that is for sure.

6) I stopped half way down from the top when making the quilted rows. Then, I turned the quilt completely all the way around and placed the quilt at the bottom area of the inner printed square.

 7) Here, at the bottom section I worked my way upwards to the center to meet where I ended the row when working from the top down. I had read about doing that over at Pattern Review in the quilting section awhile back about doing it this way when working with long arms and the like.

8) Next was the outer pink border. I trimmed the excess inch from around the outer 4 sections. I changed the gray thread to pink thread for the top of the mini quilt. I made the rows a little bit wider than the width of the walking foot. I started at one corner and ended at the same corner, going all the way around. Doesn't make which corner you start at. Just randomly pick one to start at... The next row I started and ended at another different corner. There are 4 corners so I started and ended at another corner, the 3rd corner. Did same on the 4th corner. I started the 5th row going around at the same corner I started row 1 at. This row was the last rown and very, very closed to the edge of the quilt.... 

 9) Next was the binding. I used four 5 inch wide strips that I had folded in half. All of the strips were 44 inches long. Had to cut down the top and bottom sections somewhat.Again, turning in the raw edges, same as I did on the sides. I turned in the edges so I did not have raw edges at the ends. Did both sides that way.

10) Next, I did the top and bottom edges the same way..

NOTE: Attempted to use the clear nylon thread, but, ran into a problem when filling up the bobbin. It knocked the bobbin out of shape... Honestly, it really did that... I guess that is why I heard that others have wound the clear nylon thread by hand and not by using the machine, as I did.. Always a first time for everything... Because I was racing the clock, I didn't bother rewinding the bobbin by hand... I just used gray thread on the inner top section, which doesn't show up too bad on this fabric design.

Showing the bottom and the top of the mini quilt, which is laying on top of another pink quilt, a deeper shade of pink, on the single bed.

Might try free-hand quilting on the next quilt I make. Will have to drop the feed dogs to do that. Been watching some  instructional videos to learn how to do same, including the ones by Nancy Zieman who has the "Sewing With Nancy" on the Wisconsin Public Television Station...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Outgoing Holiday Presents & Exchange Items for 2014

It is that time of the year again for holiday presents, exchanges, swaps, and secret santa, etc.  Working on two of them on the internet this year. Made up 2 sets of similar items for them plus a couple of different items for them.  Was fun to do up.

25 Weeks Santa Swap on Yahoo Groups. All done up and ready to go out in the mail in a few days.
Sewing Goodies Holiday Swap on Facebook. Sent all out Saturday, 11/15. She should recieve it today, Monday, 11/17 or tomorrow, Tuesday, if USPS is on schedule.
Loved the holiday owl fabric that I used for both of the swaps, like what I used on this medium size table scarf  for the 25 Weeks Secret Santa swap.
along with using it on the placemats, 2 sets of 4 of them.
and the oven mits, 2 sets of 2 of them.
Of course, they all are reversible to different fabrics on the other sides of them...
The owl scarf backing: Used a blue fabric with strings of light bulbs for the backing. On the front of this scarf I also used one of the strip fabrics that is on the back of the placemats for its edging.
The placemats backing: Sewed strips of fabric sewed together to make the backings up for them. Being on the creative side.  Also used some red binding on the placemats too.
Two of the owl oven mits have the sewn strips of fabric on the other side them and the red binding on them.
The other two of the  owl oven mits have this red fabric on the back of them with the red binding. I split these two the pairs up because I also used this red fabric elsewhere...
On the two microwave safe potato bags, one goes with each of the two swaps. These are made out of all cotton, the fabric, the thread and the batting for them to make them microwave safe, same as used on the microwave safe bowl potholders. Didn't get any of them done up.
This medium size table scarf has birds on it, the cardinals, with some of them being red. This scarf was included in the Sewing Goodies Holiday Swap.
 With the backing of the cardinals scarf having the strings of lightbulbs on the blue background on it and along the edges of it.
Also made up one of those half aprons that has a row of 3 pockets going across the bottom of it with the cardinals fabric. Used a brown fabric with small red flowers on it for the waistband and the ties. The apron went in the package with the cardinals scarf for teh Holiday Swap.
Included a large pin cushion in the Santa Swap package that I also made up.
 Another view of the pin cushion.
Also included totes and gift bags in these swaps.
 These 3 went to the 25 Weeks Secret Santa Swap
 With these 3 going to the Sewing Goodies Holiday Swap.
 I didn't send all out... I kept this one for myself.
 It is like an over-sized pot holder. It is made up from the fabric strips used on the placemats and the potholders along with a different one for the edging.

It reverses to this side. It is the perfect size for my oval shaped slow cooker/crock pot... I can hang it up like a wall decoration. Used other fabric strips on ths side along with the center strip being the owl fabric. The one fabric strips on this side has red and purple grapes with green leaves on it. Also use that fabric on my wine glass holder necklaces when I make them up, which can be seen at
Going to work on more of the oven mits, microwave potato bags, aprons, and possibly some of those microwave bowl potholders for other people for more holiday gifts for these upcoming holidays. They are all well recieved by my relatives and friends as holiday gifts in past years.



Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014 Kitchen Swap: Aprons & Bibs

Aprons & Bibs
My Kitchen Swap partner asked me for aprons and bibs. These are the ones I made up for her, 4 aprons and 2 bibs.
2 Adult Aprons
2 Childrens Aprons
2 Childrens Bibs
I made the Mother/Daughter aprons match by using some of the fabric from the daughters apron on the pockets as trim on the pockets of the mothers apron. Plus I used brown rick rack on the daughters apron to match her mothers apron. Both have pink and brown in their fabric designs. I chose the fabrics for these two.
However, the Man's and Childs aprons don't match. The mother picked out the fabric from some I had in my fabric stash for the boys apron. I also told her that I had a pre-printed John Deere apron that she okayed too.
Was only supposed to make up one bib. But, I made up two of them because I wasn't sure of the sizing for her baby girl. One is long and one is short. They are made out of a pink background flannel fabric. I picked this fabric out because of its pink background and because of the polka dots, which sorta match the mother/daughters aprons. The  little pups are a plus... After all, who doesn't like cute little Scottie dogs?