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My "Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen Challenge"  Quilt Blocks  #'s 1 to 13(Half-way done)      Working on 25 free quilt blocks from Pat Sloan on Facebook in her "Grandma's Kitchen Challenge."  Adding them as I complete them. Expect to be using some ladybugs and polka dot fabrics on most of them.

     The block sizes are 12.5" x 12.5" unless noted otherwise. They'll finish off to 12 inches square when sewn into a quilt or the like. Been adding a white border to the smaller blocks in this series to enlarge them to this size.

     Every Wednesday Pat lists a different block for us to do. For more info on the challenge and these blocks, go to Pat's website, and follow the link there for her Facebook web pages and for this challenge ,which started up in June, 2017.  Will try to get back here every week for the rest of the blocks as I make them up.

     I bought a couple of Pat's quilting books from Amazon . com. whi…