My "Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen Challenge" 

Quilt Blocks  #'s 1 to 13

(Half-way done)

     Working on 25 free quilt blocks from Pat Sloan on Facebook in her "Grandma's Kitchen Challenge."  Adding them as I complete them. Expect to be using some ladybugs and polka dot fabrics on most of them.

     The block sizes are 12.5" x 12.5" unless noted otherwise. They'll finish off to 12 inches square when sewn into a quilt or the like. Been adding a white border to the smaller blocks in this series to enlarge them to this size.

     Every Wednesday Pat lists a different block for us to do. For more info on the challenge and these blocks, go to Pat's website, and follow the link there for her Facebook web pages and for this challenge ,which started up in June, 2017.  Will try to get back here every week for the rest of the blocks as I make them up.

     I bought a couple of Pat's quilting books from Amazon . com. which include "Teach Me To Sew Triangles" plus "The Splendid Sampler" (100 blocks) and "Teach Me To Machine Quilt" which I also have an earlier version of, "Learn To Machine Quilt"  by another book company, published in 2007.

Block # 13 - Sunday Dinner

This one I botched up while watching General Hospital on TV and at my sewing machine at the same time. 

The green blocks are supposed to touch each other, to form an "X" as shown on the instruction sheet, in the darkest colors on same.

Didn't notice it until I had completed the block and, decided to leave it "as is" because I'd have to take just about the whole block apart to turn the 4 smaller (green and gray blocks) that are joined together to the larger center blocks (yellow gray and white blocks) that are attached to the larger green center block.
All because General Hospital has the "2 Jasons" story-line going on in their soap opera, which I have this block as a reminder of... LOL...

                                          Block # 12 - Kitchen Door

 This is the one it is supposed to look like this... 

 With Block #10 we were given alternate choices, so, I did some experimenting with this one before sewing the blocks together, and, this is what I came up with.

Block # 11 - Peppermint Swirls

     Went a different route on this one. Mine look more like color wheels.  Instead of putting small fabric centers or buttons on them, I put pineapples in the center of them. The finished size on this squared block is 10.5 inches and 10" square when sewn into a quilt.

Added iron-on pineapple appliques to the centers of the circles. 

Before pineapples...

Closeup of the centers of the circles...    

Block # 10 - Recipe Box  

 Pat threw us a curve on this one. She gave us the option of multiple assembly of this block.  Some of them are in the above photo collage along with the ones I choose from same... I made up two of them.  More photos below.

One of the choices.

My favorite of all of them...

The two I made up. 


Block # 1 - The Kitchen Table

 Block # 2 - Sticky Buns

Block # 3 -  Key Holder

Block # 4 - Half A Modern

Block # 5 - Glasses & Cups

Block # 6 - Wash Day ( 10.5 x 10.5)

Block # 7 - oh My Stars!

Block # 8 - Grandma's Apron (10.5 x 10.5)

The alternative # 8 Block, a Pieced Block  Enlarged to 12.5

     Changed its size, 10.5 square to 12.5 square by adding another row to it. Didn't like the outcome, so, added some rick rack to it...

Rick-Rack Added to the Pieced Block

When adding the rick rack, it gave the square a brand new look. It now looks like four 6.5 square blocks were joined together to form this 12.5 block...

Block # 9 - The Kitchen Window

     Used more of that ladybug fabric on this one, same as on # 8.  My kitchen windows are covered with giant ladybugs... Ones you might find in an Alfred Hitchcock movie tittled "Attack of the Giant Ladybugs" which would possibly be appearing in the movies shortly, with Halloween just about two months away from now...LOL...


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