2014 Kitchen Swap: Aprons & Bibs

Aprons & Bibs
My Kitchen Swap partner asked me for aprons and bibs. These are the ones I made up for her, 4 aprons and 2 bibs.
2 Adult Aprons
2 Childrens Aprons
2 Childrens Bibs
I made the Mother/Daughter aprons match by using some of the fabric from the daughters apron on the pockets as trim on the pockets of the mothers apron. Plus I used brown rick rack on the daughters apron to match her mothers apron. Both have pink and brown in their fabric designs. I chose the fabrics for these two.
However, the Man's and Childs aprons don't match. The mother picked out the fabric from some I had in my fabric stash for the boys apron. I also told her that I had a pre-printed John Deere apron that she okayed too.
Was only supposed to make up one bib. But, I made up two of them because I wasn't sure of the sizing for her baby girl. One is long and one is short. They are made out of a pink background flannel fabric. I picked this fabric out because of its pink background and because of the polka dots, which sorta match the mother/daughters aprons. The  little pups are a plus... After all, who doesn't like cute little Scottie dogs?


  1. You do lovely work, Peggy - your aprons and bibs are great! I love that pink Scottie fabric (who doesn't like cute Scottie dogs indeed!) and I really like that crabs fabric - is that the kiddy apron that has gardening things appliqued/embroidered on the original? If so, I've made many of those, and I usually add a pocket to the front as well :D


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