Outgoing Holiday Presents & Exchange Items for 2014

It is that time of the year again for holiday presents, exchanges, swaps, and secret santa, etc.  Working on two of them on the internet this year. Made up 2 sets of similar items for them plus a couple of different items for them.  Was fun to do up.

25 Weeks Santa Swap on Yahoo Groups. All done up and ready to go out in the mail in a few days.
Sewing Goodies Holiday Swap on Facebook. Sent all out Saturday, 11/15. She should recieve it today, Monday, 11/17 or tomorrow, Tuesday, if USPS is on schedule.
Loved the holiday owl fabric that I used for both of the swaps, like what I used on this medium size table scarf  for the 25 Weeks Secret Santa swap.
along with using it on the placemats, 2 sets of 4 of them.
and the oven mits, 2 sets of 2 of them.
Of course, they all are reversible to different fabrics on the other sides of them...
The owl scarf backing: Used a blue fabric with strings of light bulbs for the backing. On the front of this scarf I also used one of the strip fabrics that is on the back of the placemats for its edging.
The placemats backing: Sewed strips of fabric sewed together to make the backings up for them. Being on the creative side.  Also used some red binding on the placemats too.
Two of the owl oven mits have the sewn strips of fabric on the other side them and the red binding on them.
The other two of the  owl oven mits have this red fabric on the back of them with the red binding. I split these two the pairs up because I also used this red fabric elsewhere...
On the two microwave safe potato bags, one goes with each of the two swaps. These are made out of all cotton, the fabric, the thread and the batting for them to make them microwave safe, same as used on the microwave safe bowl potholders. Didn't get any of them done up.
This medium size table scarf has birds on it, the cardinals, with some of them being red. This scarf was included in the Sewing Goodies Holiday Swap.
 With the backing of the cardinals scarf having the strings of lightbulbs on the blue background on it and along the edges of it.
Also made up one of those half aprons that has a row of 3 pockets going across the bottom of it with the cardinals fabric. Used a brown fabric with small red flowers on it for the waistband and the ties. The apron went in the package with the cardinals scarf for teh Holiday Swap.
Included a large pin cushion in the Santa Swap package that I also made up.
 Another view of the pin cushion.
Also included totes and gift bags in these swaps.
 These 3 went to the 25 Weeks Secret Santa Swap
 With these 3 going to the Sewing Goodies Holiday Swap.
 I didn't send all out... I kept this one for myself.
 It is like an over-sized pot holder. It is made up from the fabric strips used on the placemats and the potholders along with a different one for the edging.

It reverses to this side. It is the perfect size for my oval shaped slow cooker/crock pot... I can hang it up like a wall decoration. Used other fabric strips on ths side along with the center strip being the owl fabric. The one fabric strips on this side has red and purple grapes with green leaves on it. Also use that fabric on my wine glass holder necklaces when I make them up, which can be seen at www.wghn.blogspot.com
Going to work on more of the oven mits, microwave potato bags, aprons, and possibly some of those microwave bowl potholders for other people for more holiday gifts for these upcoming holidays. They are all well recieved by my relatives and friends as holiday gifts in past years.




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